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Therapist’s Choice® Cable Speed Jump Rope: Fully Adjustable Length: "Stay at Home" Special: $2.99 each, valid while supplies last

Your Price: $2.99
Item Number: Cable Speed Jump Rope
Manufacturer: Therapist’s Choice®
Manufacturer Part No: Cable Speed Jump Rope
Gym Closed? Get in shape at home!! "Stay at Home" Special: $2.99 each, valid while supplies last

Therapist’s Choice® Cable Speed Jump Rope

People love this speed rope because it builds their endurance, speeds up their fat loss and helps to get that perfect body as fast/quick as possible.

For Ultra Fast Spinning to easily master those Double Unders!
Fully Adjustable Length Cable, Fit's all Heights
5.5" Long Handle
Industrial-grade smoothed STEEL tips make the rope spin much smoother and faster.
One of the lightest high-speed jumping cables on the market.

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