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Cervical Indentation, Pillow is 20" x 26", SPECIAL: (3+) $16.99 each, (6+) $15.99 each, (12+) $14.99 each

Your Price: $17.99
Item Number: 4113-03
Manufacturer Part No: 4113-03

Quantity Discounts - Order a quantity in the range below to receive the discount

3 to 5$16.99
6 to 11$15.99
12 or more$14.99
SPECIAL: (3+) $16.99 each, (6+) $15.99 each, (12+) $14.99 each, Hurry, Valid while supplies last!

Extremely Nicely Priced, Fiber filled Chiropractic Indentation Pillow. Evenly filled fiber pillow that gives great support while being patient soft friendly.

Slightly offset inner square allows customers to utilize the pillow for maximum personal comfort. Non-allergenic, 100% polyester construction. Maintains shape and support: no matting or crumbling. Fits into a standard size pillow case. Pillow is 20" x 26"

Super Great Deal:
Free Shipping on orders of $99.00 (this saves about $5 or more per Pillow!)

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