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Home Mattress Top Massage Kit Adjustable Headrest & Face Cushion

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Manufacturer Part No: Mattress Top Face Cradle Kit

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Insert under your bed mattress and Create on-the-spot home Spa with fabulous Mattress Top Massage Kit!

Unique designed Massage Mattress Top can provide you comfort and privacy when you enjoy a quality and relaxing massage at your own home. The exclusive features of the lightweight, adjustable, easy-to-transport massage mattress top can easily turn any home mattress into a professional massage therapy surface. The adjustable headrest and 3" thick face pillow of Ultra-soft moulded polyurethane memory foam guarantees client comfort and is protected by a soft PU upholstery that's oil- and water-resistant, and CFC-free. It can relieve your family's stress, achieve deeper levels of relaxation and soothe sore muscles. This Massage Mattress Top Massage Kit is convenient and compact home massage tool providing all the functions needed to get a therapeutic massage without leaving your home.

• Easy to use and Compact adjusts to most mattress sizes, and can be folded for easy storage.
• Lightweight, adjustable, easy-to-transport easily turns any home mattress into a quality massage therapy surface.
• 3" thick Ultra-soft moulded polyurethane is protected by a soft PU upholstery that's oil- and water-resistant, and CFC-free.
• Deluxe Memory foam face pillow ensures maximum comfort and support.

• 14.7" width x 23" length x 9.6" to 13.5" adjustable height.
• Works with mattresses measuring from 11” up to 14” deep.
• Product itself weighs 3.8lbs.
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