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Tab ECG Electrodes

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Manufacturer: Clinical Health Services
Manufacturer Part No: PT2334

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This ECG Tab Electrodes is made with solid adhesive gel, are self-adhesive, non-sterile, single use disposable electrodes for diagnostic resting ECG. ECG Tab electrodes are composed of a PET tape, Ag/AgCl ink and a conductive gel. These are configured as 10 (ten) electrodes applied to a siliconized transparent PET card, ten cards per pouch

Shape: Poise
Size(mm): 23 x 34
Material: PET, Ag/AgCl
Patient: General
Use: Diagnostic
Period: 2 days
Packaging:100/pouch (5 cents each), 500/box(5 pouches) (4 cents each) , 5000/Master Case(50 pouches) (3 cents each)

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