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Therabuilt® Disposable Head Rest Covers, Buy 10 at $10.99 each & Get Your Choice of Free Good from Drop Down List

Your Price: $109.90
Item Number: Disposable Head Rest Covers, Buy 10 -Get Free Deal
Configuration: Face Masks Disposable Bag-50pcs
Manufacturer: Clinical Health Services
Manufacturer Part No: Disposable Head Rest Covers, Buy 10 -Free Gift


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Therabuilt® Disposable Head Rest Covers are made from Extremely Soft, Non woven fabric, which makes these Disposable Head Rest Covers as soft and silky as flannel. Your patient's will love it.

Therabuilt® Disposable Head Rest Covers, 100 Per Package

High Quality absorbent hypo-allergenic, medical grad fiber.

The absolute softest and nicest Head Rest Covers we've ever seen!

Therabuilt® is a registered trademark of Clinical Health Services, Inc.

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