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Therabuilt® Disposable Head Rest Covers, 100pcs

Your Price: Starting at $9.99
Manufacturer: Clinical Health Services
Manufacturer Part No: 55600

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Therabuilt® Disposable Headrest Covers, 100pcs: NEW Now Available in 2 Sizes!

ITEM# 55600: This is our original version, Size 12"x16 3/8": $11.99 each, (2+) $10.99, (10+) $9.99 each, (30+) $8.99 each

ITEM# 55601: New, this is a slightly smaller size, Size 11"x14": $9.99 each, (2+) $8.99, (10+) $7.99 each,(30+) $6.99 each

Made from Extremely Soft, Non woven fabric, which makes these Disposable Head Rest Covers as soft and silky as flannel. Your patient's will love it.

Item# 55600: Disposable Head Rest Covers, 100 Per Package
High Quality absorbent hypo-allergenic, medical grade fiber.
The absolute softest and nicest Head Rest Covers we've ever seen!

Therabuilt® is a registered trademark of Clinical Health Services, Inc.

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