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Hinged Knee Brace-Anterior Opening, Universal Size: SPECIAL $17.99 each

Your Price: $17.99
Item Number: 5441
Manufacturer: Clinical Health Services
Manufacturer Part No: 5441
SPECIAL $17.99 each

Similar Braces bill under HCPCS code: L1820
Florida Fee Schedule* for L1820: $114.33
*Fee Schedule Supplied by
It is 100% your responsibility and 100% your liability to research the proper billing HCPCS codes for the items you bill, this suggested code is a starting point for your research and is just based on similar products currently on the market at the time of this posting. This item does not have a PDAC code

Anterior Opening Knee Support. Wrap-around neoprene knee support with stainless steel polycentric side hinges and 2” adjustable Hook-and-Loop Fastener straps. Excellent for patients who cannot pull on a traditional neoprene knee support. Open popliteal. Available in black 3mm neoprene. Opens flat. Wraps around. Easy to apply

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