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Therapist’s Choice® Fleece Massage Table Warmer 71"x31", 12 Foot Power Cord

Your Price: $49.99
Item Number: Fleece Table Warmer
Manufacturer: Therapist’s Choice®
Manufacturer Part No: Fleece Table Warmer


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Full size Fleece Massage Table warmer with corner elastic table positioning straps. Size: 71"x31".
Keeps your client comfortably warm during the massage.
Safe for upholstery, pillow and coverings; Overheat protection
(Made from Synthetic Fleece)
9 Temperature settings and 1-9 hour timer settings. 90 Day Warranty from original purchaser's invoiced date & Valid only to the original purchaser. Warranty is void if used for anything other than it's intended purpose

12 Foot Power Cord, helps you reach your table even if the outlet is far away!

CAUTION: For use under Supervised Profession Massage Therapist Use Only! Turn off and unplug when not in use. Caution: Do not use as a Bed Sleeping blanket warmer due to risk of fire/death.

1) Read owner’s manual before operating
2) Table Warmer must be unfolded completely while in use. Do not allow it to become bunched or folded over as this could cause excess heat, resulting in injury or fire.
3) Do not pierce with sharp object.
4) Never use if wet. Do not allow the control unit or power cord to come into contact with liquids.
5) Unplug when not in use or unattended.
6) This product is NOT a blanket. It is intended for use ONLY as a massage table warmer.
7) Do not machine wash, dry or iron. It can be hand wiped with wet towel and small amount of detergent, and it can be switched on only after making sure that it is completely dried.
8) Never leave disabled person, infants or small children unattended while in use.

Therapist’s Choice® is a registered trademark of Clinical Health Services, Inc.

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