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IF 4000

IF 4000
Your Price: FDA Regulated, only sold to licensed health care practitioners.Regulado por el FDA. Solo se le vende a profesionales de la salud
Item Number: IF 4000
Manufacturer: Roscoe Medical, Inc.
Manufacturer Part No: IF 4000
Interferential w/AC Adaptor

The IF-4000 helps control pain and speeds the healing process by delivering small pulses of electrical current to an injury through electrodes that pass current through the skin and stimulate underlying nerves producing a mild, tingling sensation to provide relief from chronic and acute pain. Interferential is used for very localized areas where deep current for pain control or increased circulation is needed.

How does Interferential therapy differ from TENS?:
Interferential differs from conventional Muscular stimulation and TENS in that it delivers concentrated stimulation deep into the affected tissue. Interferential exploits the interference of two separately generated sinusoidal currents applied to the body simultaneously. It is a low frequency current treatment that uses two medium frequency currents which "interfere" with each other to produce a beat frequency that the body recognizes as a low frequency energy source. The range of this frequency is usually 1-250 Hz. The body itself produces low frequency currents between 1 and 256 Hz. These currents are produced across the cell membranes by ionic exchange, and they will vary depending upon the tissue involved. By using frequencies in this range, different systems within the body can be stimulated

Detailed Description
Dual Channel Interferential
Carrier Frequency: 4000Hz Fixed
Difference Frequency: 1-150Hz Adjustable
Four Frequency Shiftss: Continuous, 1/1 abrupt, 8/8 abrupt, 10/10 ramped
Wave Form: Symmetrical Bi-Phasic Square
Power Source: 9 Volt DC Adapter or Alkaline 9V battery(9V battery not recommend for its short life)
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty System Includes: Stimulator, Lead Wires, 4 Self-Stick Disposable Electrodes, 9V Battery, Hard Plastic Carrying Case, Instruction Booklet.

This device uses tremendous amounts of power and it is not recommended for use with a 9V battery. For optimal function: only use the AC adapter which is supplied with this device.

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